What is Crafty Christian?

Crafty Christian is an online blog created with the intention of providing simple craft and DIY project tutorials that are modern, yet easy on the budget.  

DIY is about more than just having fun.  It is also about being creative with what God has blessed you with already- be it a talent, imagination, or even possessions

I ask you to be confident in your skills as you utilize my tutorials. Embrace who you are and what you have... we are all blessed, and have been granted the ability to do and make amazing things! 
 Exodus 35: 31-33 states: 
I invite you to use the DIY ideas presented on this blog not only as an outlet of creativity, but also as a blessing to others.  I prayerfully encourage you to do this, and if you choose to do so, remember to use the hashtag
 #craftychristian !


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