My Story

"So who is this 'Kate' girl running this blog anyway?"

Well isn't that a great question!  My name is Kate, and I am the creator, writer, photographer, designer, and crafter extraordinaire (etc.) behind Crafty Christian!

A Bit About Me:
I am from a small town in Southwest Wisconsin.  I graduated from High School in the Spring of 2014, and am now a college student at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. I am planning to transfer to Kentucky Christian University next fall to study Nursing.  I work several jobs when I'm home, including at a  factory and at a nursing home.  I have an awesome boyfriend named Aaron, who is in school currently for Youth and Family Ministry. Overall, I have been told that I am essentially an old woman trapped in a 19 year old's body.  I love to sew, crochet, cross stitch, take Instamatic photographs, sleep, hang out at nursing homes, go to church, and play Bingo. 

I have one sibling: a crazy-cool, hipster brother named Jacob.  He and I have the two amazing and supportive parents.  My family loves to hang out, play games, go camping and exploring, as well as dig around in antique shops (the more messy-the better!).  We have two cats, Rosie and Gigi (a.k.a. Kitty G), and a Corgi named Rosie.  Our house is pretty hectic at times, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

"So why did you start a blog about being crafty and being a Christian?"

Simple.  Crafting helped me through the depths of depression, and Christ saved me from it.

Crafty Christian's Roots:
  I was in an unhealthy relationship throughout majority of high school, and would probably have been classified as somewhat of a loner.  When I was having a bad day- maybe feeling blue, lonely, or upset-I made crafts.  I would sit in the basement of our home and make things for hours upon hours on end.  When the relationship finally ended the summer before my Senior year, I was devastated.  It seemed that all of my friends vanished at the same time as well.  I was so alone, and so sad.  Not even doing projects to occupy my mind could help.  So, I turned to God to heal and restore me. It was the best decision I have ever made.  The summer of 2014,  I decided I wanted to give my life up to Christ. I was baptized via full-immersion as a follower of Jesus a few months later. 

Coming out of a hard place, I began looking for ways that I could serve the Lord.  Upon inspection of myself, I realized that I had been given a set of skills that I could use to spread the love of God and to serve him. Crafting.  I had been blessed with creativity and the dexterity to create whatever came to mind.  From then on, I began making things for others primarily.  When I got to college, I realized that in a world so broken, and with so many hurt individuals, more people need to see this love, and that many others are searching for a way to give to others.

That was when I decided that I would make this blog.  It has since been my vision that Crafty Christian would take off, and inspire others to use their God given skills to help others, and help themselves as well.  Though I still suffer from depression, I have renewed meaning and purpose in starting Crafty Christian, and I hope that my readers will be able to see the place that what my posts are coming from, and that they can make a difference for someone, somewhere!

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